("May you find Fun in the Face of Adversity".)

2 July
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Nowdays if folks bother to ask, I tell them (only half in jest) that I am a Born-Again Pagan. I started out as a Good Catholic Boy from a Good Catholic Family speakng Gallego Spanish amidst the largest Amish community in the world. Somewhere along the way, that path turned, twisted, and pitched me headlong into some strange 'scapes & scrapes. The folks in the Rootsland thought I was cursed, but The Curse was a blessing in disguise: Life has always been interesting, and I have not known boredom.
In the aftermath of liberating betrayals by Richard Nixon, the Catholic Church, and the American Way (not necessarily in that order), it became apparent that Religion was often the opposite of Spirituality, Democracy had very little to do with Liberty, and Liberty was a long way from Freedom. There was no other option but to to experience the Journey accordingly. So this Eagle Scout/Altar Boy/Young Republican sudddenly found himself labeled as a Hippie, a Radical, a Heathen*, and (gasp!) a LIBERAL!!!

*not to be confused with a Pagan
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