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Cross Words for Crosswords - BOHOBOHOSH!

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October 20th, 2016

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06:17 pm - Cross Words for Crosswords
Did anyone do today’s* NY Times crossword puzzle? ¡Mádre de Díos! Is it really Thursday?

I am addicted to crosswords. In addition to a big cup, I need them to kick my brain into gear to start my day. The New York Times is the gold standard of crosswords, and the puzzles are supposed to get harder each day of the week; Mondays being the easiest working up to Saturday’s skull-f***ers. After staring vacantly at this morning’s puzzle for ten minutes, I had to check the day – yep: it’s only Thursday…

¡Mádre de Díos! I do believe this morning’s puzzle is the hardest I’ve ever done in English. I finally solved it, without any outside resources, but - ¡Mádre de Díos! When I was working, I’d finish the “warm up” puzzle in addition to the NY Times and finish reading the rest of the local paper in the one hour it took to cross the Sound. But today -  ¡Mádre de Díos! – I can’t tell you how many hours I piddled away until the last box was solved.

The New York Times is known for often having themes to its puzzles. Sometimes they’ll give a clue to the theme, other times, not. Today they did. Sort of. The clue they gave took up the three longest answers in the puzzle. The clues for 17, 36, and 60 across read: “Trap #1 (2 and 3) to solving this puzzle.”


The answer: “Anagram the first word in each clue.”  So before solving the answer, it was first necessary to solve the clue. For instance, the answer to “Heads seen on Halloween” was “orange”. Yeesh!

I must admit, I didn’t get all the anagrams before finishing the grid. Maybe I’ll go back and hash them out just to spite Will Shortz…

*Our local paper reprints the NYT puzzles one week after their original publication.

Photosketch copyright EdBookPhoto.com

Current Mood: Smugly satisfied [Is that redundant?]
Current Music: Todd Rundgren: "Eastern Intrigue"

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Date:October 23rd, 2016 04:27 pm (UTC)



I like your newspaper! Good work.
satisfied is passive
smugly is ego
not redundant

(Love the photo, Ed.)

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